10 rules for good ad

Here’s something I discovered after studying over 420 statistically very good advertisements 2012-2016.
Statistically means that all of them had got exceptionally good attention and reading values in many different quantitative research.
After that these ads were studied by both semiotic analysis and qualitative depth-interviews.
The ads were from seven  sectors:  food, wellbeing, cars, cosmetics, fashion, interior decoration and travel.


Semiotic how to 1

1.  CLARITY.  

Readers demand clarity. Clear ad has
a simple composition or “not too much happening there”.

Semiotic How to 2

2.   COLOUR.

Good colours that suit the product and its field well make people pause, look and enjoy.

Semiotic How to 3

3.  MOOD.

Enjoyable,special mood makes the reader to get absorbed into the advertisement.

Semiotic How to 4

4.  STORY.

Tells a story that  sticks in mind. A dream come true, funny episode or a valuable lesson.

Semiotic How to 5

5.  MYTHS.

Contains mythical elements, that make the story mystical and dense with meaning. A whole world-view  with good and bad in one glimpse.

Semiotic How to 6

 6. IDEA.

Original idea prompts curiosity and will be remembered.

Semiotic How to 7


Not too much text. Only few products are so specific that they work well with a long explanatory text.

Semiotic How to 8


Arouses desire for the product through senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.

Semiotic How to 9


Meets the consumer’s needs: at the right time, suitable info, suitable product & right media.

Semiotic How to 10

10.   THE BRAND.

Guarantee of the brand quality. The brand is well presented and recognizable. Advertising is repeated enough.

Full research reports of the seven sectors plus a  semiotic HELP-guide for branding and making better ads – is found on Aikakausmedia pages here:


HELP! How to make a good ad

NAM!  Food & Beverages

WAU!  Indoor Decoration

JES!  Wellbeing

  WROOM!  Cars

  CHIC!  Fashion

  LOOK!  Cosmetics

  TRIP!  Travel

copyright: Vaula Norrena, Valores Consult and Aikakausmedia


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