How to win your consumers’ hearts

Last four years I’ve been doing very interesting large-scale research on print advertising.
Have studied carefully over 420 ads on seven different sectors,  with two different methods, semiotic analysis and with qualitative research.
Aikakausmedia – Finnish Periodicals – wanted to know more about influential print advertising.

Why is it, that some ads make so much more influence than others?

SEMIOTIC exploiting myths Vaula Norrena 2016To find out, we e took 60 best ads of the year from each field.
Such that had the best attention values and reading values according to several quantitative research.

We wanted to find out their secret: what makes these ads more memorable and more effective than others?

Each of the seven sectors was studied separately with a semiotic-qualitative method during  2012- 2016.

SEMIOTIC Cosmetics visual value map Vaula Norrena 2016

  • Colours and shapes – the basic visuals of ad – make so much of the message!
    Cold colours are rational and scientific, warm colours organic and sensual.  (More on colours’ messages in the report and on Finnish here)
  • Myths and stories make a larger-than-life influence – well-chosen and well-implemented myths are just invaluable to the brand image!
  • Sensual experience can win the readers’ heart.
    Even though the subject of a print ad rarely can be smelled, touched or heard,  a good close-up photo can give enjoyable sensory experience to the reader.
  • Clarity and to some point simplicity is the basement of everything. A messy message just doesn’t work.

    SEMIOTIC visual value map Vaula Norrena 2016

    SEMIOTIC story and image map Vaula Norrena 2016

    Researching over 420 ads I found some universal semiotic value maps, that can be used to any sector of advertising, anywhere, anytime  (I trust to say this now with 25 years of experience in advertising semiotics)

Luscious colours can literally bring water to the mouth of the reader.

Different kinds of shapes, visual composition and typographies have different messages.
Sharp and lean are theoretical, fast and urban, wheras rounded and fat are earthy, slow and organic, to put things as simple as possible.


SEMIOTIC Food myth story map Vaula Norrena 2016





Well-chosen and well-implemented myths are just invaluable to the brand image!

Strengthening mythicism and stories in advertising always produces a stronger and more desired brand.

Abbreviation of  the 7 sector reports can be loaded here:

How to create a good ad Vaula Norrena 2016

Read more in each sector report.
All of them  in English and Finnish on Aikakausmedia pages here:

HELP! How to create a good ad
NAM!  Food & Beverages
WAU!  Indoor Decoration
JES!  Wellbeing
WROOM!  Cars
CHIC!  Fashion
LOOK!  Cosmetics
TRIP!  Travel

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